Monogram Guide

Please take a minute to read over this information about how to arrange a monogram.  All monograms need to be entered in the order that you want the initials to appear on the item.  As always, please send us an email or call if you have any questions.  You can reach us at 337-534-0334.

 The most common arrangement for a monogram is the traditional style monogram.  A Traditional, three letter monogram has a larger center letter and a smaller letter on each side.  This style of monogram is used for both individuals and couples. The last name initial is placed in the center.

For a single person (Cindy Elizabeth Black), the monogram is arranged like this:

If the woman is married, she has the choice to use either her maiden name, or middle name for the initial on the right side.  This is a personal preference, there is no wrong or right choice.

For a couple's monogram, the most popular way to arrange the monogram is with the woman's first initial on the left, the last name initial in the middle, and the man's first initial the left.


Block is another style of monogram.  A block monogram is arranged first/middle/last, with all letters the same size.  Adding periods after each letter is an option. You must add the periods when you type in the initials if you want them in the monogram.

*Be sure to enter the monogram in the order that you would like for it to appear on the item.  Traditional monograms are the default style.